UNDER COMMUNISM: How Will Children Be Raised?

Most children are part of the working class, the class that will control society under communism. To the capitalists, working-class children are just the future means to their (the capitalists’) profits. Working-class parents, on the other hand, care about what’s good for their children. But there is little discussion or writing about how to raise children for their own good. Parents are not taught how to nurture their children, and are even persuaded to feel that it’s nobody’s business how they raise them. But a collective approach is always the method most likely to achieve the outcome we want.

Under communism, children probably will spend most of the day in a collective situation, under the supervision of many caring adults. They’ll learn cooperation from an early age, and competition will be discouraged. (As a past example, Soviet children were given blocks that were too large for one child to move around, requiring others to help.) Students will not be ranked, and there will be no such thing as failure in any school subject. This will encourage classmates to help each other to learn, rather than trying to outdo each other.

Some classic theories, even under capitalism, resemble communist principles. For example, Stephen Glenn in his book “Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World” says that children need to develop (1) perceptions of their capabilities, (2) the feelings of contributing meaningfully, (3) the ability to work well with others, (4) the knowledge of limits and consequences, and (5) the use of strong judgment skills. Glenn emphasizes awareness of children’s own power or influence over life. He apparently doesn’t realize that only under communism will working-class children have the ability to influence society.

Alfred Adler (the 19th-20th century Austrian psychiatrist) taught that (1) children are social beings and behave as they see themselves in relation to others, (2) behavior is goal-oriented, toward belonging and feeling significant, (3) maladjusted behavior stems from discouragement, (4) children and adults need to contribute to society, based on concern for others, and (5) children and adults both require dignity and respect. But youth have a vague understanding that a profit-based system is interested only in sorting them for different forms of exploitation, through forcing them to compete with each other and then ranking them.

To prepare them, capitalist schools train children to take tests rather than to think creatively. As a result, many drop out or rebel. Then dealing with rebellion becomes a primary task of teachers and parents.

Under communism, the basis of education will be vastly different. Whereas children’s books today emphasize fantasy, under communism they will teach real working-class history and how to run society for the benefit of the class. Whereas today books are racist and sexist, under communism they will teach why the capitalists needed these divisive horrors and how the working class overcame them once it seized political power.

Under capitalism, even young children feel the stress of inability to achieve a fulfilling life through competition. Under communism, fulfillment will come from contributing to everyone’s welfare. Is it any wonder our children exhibit anger, self-destructive behavior and depression? And then they’re drugged for invented psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which mainly results from the contradictions between what they learn in school and what they learn from their own, and their parents’ real lives.

In a communist society we will experience some of the same joys and problems we face today in raising our youth. But families will not be left to fend for themselves. While children may develop various abilities, these will enable them to contribute in various ways. Working-class children worldwide will become more than capable of running the future communist society.


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  1. Greg says:

    Great article! We need much more stuff like this in Challenge. Most of the people I get the paper to would be interested in reading articles like this one, and it is also great for 1st time readers or readers who might not have the background to understand all the complicated current events analysis (including those who might not tend to read a political newspaper at all). We should publish it in the paper, and call for a series on how specific things would be run under commumism, and/or the history of the movement related to specific topics (like the series that ran a few years ago). Also, more articles on current cultural topics would be welcomed. We must always keep in mind that some people will be reading the paper for the 1st time, and may not have the background in politics, government, history, etc., but are still open to hearing what our long term gaols are.


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