When Capitalism Is Intolerable.…Communism

(From a Young Communist in Haiti)

The history of capitalism represents unceasing struggles and wars enforcing all kinds of prejudice, discrimination and oppression. In this racist profiteering system, the human being is in a perpetual struggle to maintain his or her own humanity. In these struggles, various groups of oppressed people have come to agree on one thing: they’re all victims of the same violence. Blacks: color racism; women: sexism; Jews: anti-Semitism; and so on.

World history and worldwide stereotyping have tried to dehumanize and conditione these and other groups to regard themselves as “inferior” — the shame of the human species. Is it not these people, the alienated, who today continue to be grouped together, suffering the humiliations of this system?

Despite the great discoveries and great philosophical and scientific discourses on the human species, despite the great struggles of the oppressed in every field, these prejudices and oppressions still impose themselves, favoring the exploiters by inducing the exploited to believe they were born into the situation in which they’ve been placed.

Today, despite numerous declarations on liberty, equality, solidarity and respect for the human being, the different forms of discrimination still make themselves felt, and worse, are reinforced and intensified —against Arabs, Latinos, Haitians, Asians, the elderly and others. It’s all too clear: if the capitalist system remains, it will become cannibalism. Despite all this oppression, this inhuman system manages to keep the majority of people under its yoke. How, with all this cruelty, has submissiveness remained widespread?


Division, hierarchy — these are the strengths of capitalism. It is divided and hierarchal, in institutions and in the family. Many feel themselves to be “different,” and proclaim the value of their own status. Many live off of others, without respecting social ties or close relationships, including in the family. Work becomes servitude and this slavery is one of the great sources of division and conflict. Talk of the division of labor!

Today the group suffering all the humiliations of capitalism but which is also its strength is the working class, the proletariat. It comprises all the groups which throughout history have always been dominated, exploited and humiliated. What is left for us, except a breakthrough in consciousness about the sordid situation to which we are subjected?

Certainly by the division of labor, by political demagoguery, by religion, by the force of arms, by torture and by many other mechanisms, capitalism alienates and dehumanizes workers, dividing them, mistreating them, promising them “paradise,” and torturing them by making them believe that one day soon they, too, will become owners.

If by force, a small group of the oppressors has managed to reach the point, in a few centuries, where they can keep the world in a state of poverty, war, inequality, hunger and fear, how much easier would it be for the vast majority to reach the point of making the world a place where everyone can live together, without distinction of color, gender, religion, age or wealth?

While possible, it will never happen while division rules everywhere, especially within the working class, which, if it remains divided, upholds the system. So what must we do?

The Proletariat Is the Crucial Class

Never will any struggle against capitalism attain communism without the proletariat. Instead of being dominated by the bourgeoisie, the proletariat can and must dominate them, to put an end to a society of classes. Such is the dictatorship of the proletariat. The proletariat is the worldwide engine of capitalism. It’s from the labor power of millions of poor women, men, children and old people of different colors that the capitalists draw their profits.

When this exploited class becomes fully united and organizes itself in a party to struggle against capitalism, the world will breathe a new air. Unity, that’s what we need! Communist revolution requires the unity of workers the world over. How do we get there?

Metaphysical thought has us believe that, like the fingers of the hand, the world has always been divided, and that it’s impossible to establish equality. This an obstacle to achieving communism, a society without classes. Furthermore, the capitalists don’t hesitate to drench the world in workers’ blood in order to protect their economies. These obstacles haunt workers everywhere.

For Living As A Communist, For A Communist Spirit

The communist party — PLP — must bring to the world’s workers that strong hand enabling them to confront the oppressors who live at their expense. It must organize the revolution. Staying among the workers, learning from and teaching them is the Party’s task. Human consciousness must become communist consciousness. The communist must be a worker and a fighter. He or she must champion everyone’s existence, not just the individual’s as the capitalists do.

The communist must hear the cry of all the oppressed, must always work for the revolution, must everywhere think action and act on thought. The world has suffered too long from the evil of capitalism; it must begin to breathe a communist air. Revolution, that’s what we have to prepare for, starting now.

The workers won’t move against the bosses without a real understanding of communism and revolution. Reaching them where they are, helping them understand communism and joining the party is the task a communist spirit must accomplish. The destruction of the present system must be our aim, and its goal the international unity of the workers. Let us unite, workers and all those who are for communism!

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