Mexico’s Cabbies Defy Union Goons While Building Co-op and PLP

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO — The fight against the rulers of economic and political power in the transportation industry is heating up. This community has become the center of attention for hundreds of taxi drivers, their friends and families. That’s because a group of taxi drivers, tired of years of abuse, deception and fraud by their union leaders, decided to start a movement against injustice. They began organizing other taxi drivers to leave that institution and set up a Cooperative Society.

The gangster bosses, trying to stop workers organizing, sent goons to beat and shoot at these workers in their attempts to intimidate and stop the movement. They are also using the State Secretary of Transportation to crack down on drivers by impounding their cars if they don’t have the required documents, taking away the worker’s job.

These actions by the bosses, far from discouraging the workers, have generated more anger to sustain the movement. The movement has begun to spread to workers in the same company in different areas and a few weeks ago the workers set up their Co-op. This motivates many workers to keep up the struggle.

We know that the cooperative is only a temporary form of winning certain improvements in working conditions. That’s because capitalism continues exploiting and terrorizing the whole working class. We’re in this struggle so that hundreds, thousands and millions of workers will see the need to destroy this rotten capitalist system with a communist revolution.

In this movement the Progressive Labor Party has played an important role. Several workers have joined PLP. There’s a tremendous potential that other workers can join the struggle to free the working class, since CHALLENGE newspaper is well read by many. We’re sure that some day we workers will raise the banner of liberty for all workers. Long live Communism.

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