600 March vs. Racist Cross-Burning

HARDWICK, NJ., November 15 — Over 600 anti-racists marched here protesting the November 5th burning of a KKK-like cross on the lawn of a local family who had erected an Obama-for-President banner in front of their house. The protest was attacking racism, not necessarily supporting Obama. The multi-racial demonstrators came from towns throughout Warren County and the adjacent Pennsylvania area.
After Gary and Alina Grewal and their 8-year-old daughter Arianna realized the banner was missing, the next morning they discovered it had been tied to a 4 X 6 foot wooden cross and had been set afire during the night. The Grewal family spread the word of this racist act and today hundreds of local supporters met at the Town Hall here to begin a half-mile-long “Unity March” ending at the Grewal home. Mr. Grewal is of Native American descent and Mrs. Grewal is Cuban.

Their neighbors were determined to spread the message that racism will not be tolerated in their midst. Mr. Grewal said, “The Grewal family will not be intimidated by this racist act.” (North Warren News, 11/19) The multi-racial marchers were of all ages, with an especially large youth turnout.

The demonstration was particularly noteworthy because this rural area of New Jersey has a strong right-wing reputation. It showed that rank-and-file people can organize against the racism being spread nation-wide, such as the anti-immigrant provocations of Suffolk County Long Island Executive Steve Levy over the murder of an Ecuadoran worker in Patchogue, L.I. and the murder of a Mexican worker by a racist gang in Shenandoah, Pa., as well as this Klan-type cross-burning.

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