Italy: Black Workers Rebel vs. Racist Mafia Massacres

ITALY, Sept. 25 — Racism has grown all over Europe as the bosses need to superexploit immigrant and non-white workers to obtain massive profits and blame them for the crisis of capitalism. The racism built into the capitalist society breeds racist killers. The area of Castelvolturno was the scene of the first racist killing in post-war Italy when in 1989 Jerry Eslan, a black man, was killed by racists in the nearby Villa Literno. Today, racist violence is even more common.

More recently in Castelvolturno, a racist massacre was carried out by the Camorra, the local mafia. It was the biggest mafia killing in recent years. Some local gangsters randomly fired against a group of black workers and youth, killing six of them. The bosses’ media reacted to this atrocity by blaming the victims, who were condemned as criminals and drug dealers.  In spite of these stereotypes, 99% of black workers work under semi-slave conditions in the tomato fields. But the mobsters shot at random to “teach blacks a lesson.”  Six were killed just for being black, just as neo-Nazis burn immigrant workers’ refugee centers to “teach them a lesson,” and just as Roma people (often called by the racist term Gypsies) have been victims of a recent pogrom at the hand of racist mobs and the right-wing Berlusconi government. According to these racist killers, all immigrant and black workers should be killed.

This time black Italians protested the killings with a mini-rebellion, burning garbage cans and damaging some cars in the Caserta zone of Castelvolturno. A similar small rebellion took place in the bigger city of Milan.

These workers and youth are tired not only of being exploited on their jobs, but of being charged higher rents and of discrimination in general. They are tired of being treated as second-rate citizens.

In Milan, an Afro-Italian teenager was beaten to death with iron bars by two store owners.  The killers said he stole some cookies, as if that was a crime punishable by death. This slander was repeated by the media without any real investigation of what happened, even though no cookies were found. Racism was the real cause of this horrendous crime.

The bosses, their media and some people influenced by racist ideas are labeling all blacks and immigrants as criminals, while treating the big criminals of the Mafia and their politician and cop protectors with kids’ gloves.

Racist brutality is a universal aspect of capitalism, from Milan to Paris to Brooklyn (like the recent killing of a mentally-impaired Latin worker with a taser) to Maryland (see article p. 3). Any worker who falls for this bosses’ racism is cutting his/her own throat, particularly today when the rulers need more racism to divide workers so they can exploit ALL workers even more to pay for their economic crisis and wars (Italy has a military contingent fighting with NATO in Afghanistan). Our slogan must be: same enemy, same fight! Black, Latin, Asian, immigrant and white, unite to smash capitalism and to fight for communism!

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4 thoughts on “Italy: Black Workers Rebel vs. Racist Mafia Massacres

  1. Brian says:

    Italy is a white mans homeland. What are blacks doing in Italy anyway? Why don’t they fix there own countries throughout Africa and stay there. Whites have helped various African countries since the early 1960’s with the “peace corps”. it is time the Africans fix there own problems for themselves in there own homeland, not in Italy. I hope the Mafia kills more!


    • This is indicative of the racist lies that the ruling class wants to push onto the working class. It ignores the role of imperialism in Africa, blames the victims for the process of victimization, and it builds upon the myth of some “White Homeland”. It is racists like Brian who embrace rotten the bosses rotten ideology that will be dealt with accordingly. We can not let Racism take hold into the working class. Especially a racism that develops such a high level of ignorance.


  2. Joe says:

    From what i understand italy was never racist and was very friendly towards blacks until the immigration problem went out of control. Plus italian men always dated black women. And keep in mind if italy sits on the mediterranean and the latin culture was born in rome thousands of yrs ago and the moors took parts of italy and the romans absolutely had sex with the slaves then italians are not 100pct white. And i am italian


    • Racism is being used in Italy to divide the working class while massive attacks by the EU ruling class rain down upon them. The “immigration problem” you refer to is only a “problem” under capitalism, as it is used to divide the workers and increase the amount of profit that can be extracted from the hyper-exploited undocumented workers.


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