Will U.S. Invade Pakistan?

PAKISTAN –– On September 14, Pakistan troops fired shots into the air to stop U.S. troops crossing into the South Waziristan region of Pakistan. A couple of weeks before, twenty Pakistani villagers, including women and children, were killed when the U.S. troops crossed the border from Afghanistan to supposedly attack Taliban insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry immediately condemned it as “a grave provocation.” Seven days later Bush announced U.S intentions to continue the raids — with or without the approval of the Pakistani government — and to send additional troops to Afghanistan (Obama and McCain  agree on expanding the war in this region.)   

Pakistan and Afghanistan share a 1,500-mile border, that 19th century British imperialists arbitrarily cut through mountainous land inhabited by Pashtuns. U.S. insistence that the Pakistan military crack down on the Taliban has caused a backlash against the army by Pakistani fundamentalists (often Pashtuns) and al Qaeda (foreign jihadists). The fierce confrontations have killed many civilians and left thousands homeless. In Afghanistan, the seven-year U.S.-NATO occupation has worsened conditions for the majority of Afghans. More than 1,000 civilians have been killed this year.  

The U.S. and its ally, India, claim that Pakistan is the center and cause of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, accusing members of the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of helping the Taliban. This is the excuse for the recent U.S. invasion of Pakistani territory. The U.S. wants to replace its decades-long  indirect domination of Pakistan with direct military control. 
A 2005 report by the U.S. National Intelligence Council and the CIA, forecast a “Yugoslav-like fate.” for Pakistan. A former Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK predicted that, “The central government’s control probably will be reduced to the Punjabi heartland and the economic hub of Karachi, by 2015.” (Times of India 13 Feb 2005). 
Breaking up Pakistan would facilitate U.S. exploitation of the vast energy reserves of the Caspian Sea region to the north. Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of Barak Obama’s foreign policy advisors wrote in 1990,  “The Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin are known to contain reserves of natural gas and oil that dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea.”   U.S. oil companies plan to build pipelines to transport that oil and gas from the region through Afghanistan and Balochistan — a Pakistan province — to the Arabian Sea and so to markets in Europe and Asia. If the U.S. is unable to secure this pipeline, Russia — and China — may monopolize the Caspian oil fields.  The survival of the U.S. as a leading imperialist power depends on the  control of the world’s energy sources — a point emphasized this week as oil baron Cheney shuttled around the Caspian States meeting local rulers and representatives of Chevron and BP. As Brzezinski noted, “whoever controls Eurasia controls the world.”

The U. S. is now sponsoring India’s membership in NATO, which will add one more powerful U.S. ally to the growing circle around Russia. When the Indian army took part in NATO exercises in Arizona in August, Russia retaliated by announcing that its strategic bombers would patrol the Indian Ocean. The U.S. and India signed a nuclear arms agreement that, according to Administration officials, “seals a long-term strategic alliance between the two countries, which had tense relations during the Cold War.”  With a rapidly expanding capitalist economy, seeking new markets, trading partners and oil, India also has interests in the Caspian Sea reserves and has its own plans for pipelines from Iran, through Balochistan to India.  

Nationalism and religion are constantly being used by the ruling classes to divide workers and their allies. In Pakistan, India has joined with the U.S and Britain to covertly support and arm the separatist Balochistan Liberation Movement. In Indian-controlled Kashmir tension is growing between Muslim and Hindu, fundamentalists and secularists, and spreading to the border with Pakistan in the east.

The former Yugoslavia was broken up in part with the promotion of nationalism and the organization of separatist militias. For Yugoslavia’s working class the result was fascist/racist terror, bloody civil wars and atrocities. Revolutionary communists must show the Afghan, Pakistan, and Indian working class and its allies — Pashtuns, Balochis, Sindhis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Hindus  — that nationalism is not the answer to their problems. That is the goal of the PLP in the region. Join us!

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2 thoughts on “Will U.S. Invade Pakistan?

  1. Khadim Hussain says:

    US Incursions in Tribal Areas
    Now a days US raids in Fata strained the American relations with Pakistan however the both side is trying hard to justify and handle the situation. In this regard New York Times reported that President Bush had allowed secretly US army to strike in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Meanwhile Hussain Haqqani the Ambassador to America had spent a half day at White House to handle the situation and after that talking to press he rejected the New York Times report and rhetorically said “US respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and looks at us as a partner”, but I think this is not the easy situation as Hussain describing it in simple words because on other hand State Department spokesman Sean McCormack commented that US, Afghan, Pakistan and other world have real interest in security along the border and further said US respected Pakistani sovereignty but he did not say the New York Times story was incorrect. With this, Chief of Army staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani condemn the strike in tribal area with hard so as corps commanders of Pak army. But in my view US listen with deaf ears and perhaps would continue his new strategy more raids in Pakistan.
    Pakistani Govt shows grave concerns over attacks making sense that the Attacks will provoke the nation against America, as Reman Malik and Gilani issued statements , to deter the American from more strikes but America has its own priority if we see in case of Iraq even though the European countries harshly condemn the American assaults but all remained useless and here also the situation is same American are confirmed that the Fata is so safe sanctuary for Al-Qaeda and Taliban and might be for Osma and Zawaheri, though the US is not prepare to listen any one and Pakistan can not and never restrained her (US) from the strikes. Here, I think, the best way is to offer the US to launch joint operation of Pak-American army in Fata it will prevent the more loss of innocent inhabitants’ lives and assets and American will realized also the difficulties Pak army facing in the Fata and never blamed Pakistan with failure of operation in the area.


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    House No. 114/17 Block No. 1,
    Taluka Johi District Dadu Sindh.


  2. AT says:

    This is in response to Khadim Hussain’s Subscribe. It is no dobt in it that U.S. has invaded Pakistan. Those Resistance Groups like Al-Qaeda,Taliban and others like them who follow the suicide bombing tactics are basically fighting in Afghanistan, and as far as i can see in Pakistan they take rest and prepare to attackback-inn Afghanistan on U.S. and It’s ally’s troops. How U.S. could take that!!!!
    Pakistan has done Alot mistake in it’s policies the firstly to prefer U.S.A over Russia and the second one to be U.S. ally.
    Our columnist “Nazir Nagi” will tell all of this if you read “Jang Daily” that how U.S. going to capture Pakistans Atomic Power.
    Pahistan’s former dictator (U.S.ally) “Musharraf” has laid Infrastructure for his friend Mr.Bush through which U.S., Indian,Jewish and other ally’s agents can function through comfortly.
    Atleast this thing i know that a true and real Muslim cannot kill another, and cannot kill innocent may it belongs to the enemy’s country unless it has commit any crime inagainst. I dont know what Taliban and Alqaeda is for but atleast i know suicide bombings are the part of U.S. invasion.
    You see Just on suspection how many peoples (innocent) are killed or put in prison by our own military.
    In the reaction one in trbal or disputed Areas are more near to death then to life. They consider Pakistan military as a U.S. ally as a result of which the reaction is against the military and government of Pakistan.
    From one side U.S. spy planes bombing their women and children to death from other side they are facing a blaming behaviour from Government.
    See the Picture from other side, If Taliban and AlQaeda in Afghanistan are freedom fighters it is their basic right they must go on, but in Pakistan i am affraid they are wrong. Suicide bombings is the act of cowardness. Fight hit and run game against your enemy , Use Guirrilla war tactics. Prepare freedom fighters as a military and then fight. Suicide bombing may benefit temprorily but it will increase the number of enemy instead of friends.
    There are some Real evedinces that proved that U.S. agents are preparing suicide bombers in the name of Islam.
    Though i often have observed U.S. Faces(In Afghan or Pukhtoon disguise) around me in Mosques. Who could claim them to be U.S. agent? who is gonna check their ID cards are falls once or Right ones.Mr.Zardari and the Sindh government specifically is friend and ally of whom?? People know this thing.
    I want to opnly share that even if our military will be continued as U.S. ally, I will fight them till my last blood shed. Bhutto Family give us the lesson of “Bravery” . And i must be Brave.
    Last i personally consider Iran,China and Russia as Friends, what do u think??


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