On wednesday at 6pm IAM members went in to vote on the contract. By 7:30pm the IAM leadership had ordered all the picket signs to be locked up. At 9:30 after the results were read (80% against the contract, 87% to strike) Local union reps Blondin and Wroblowski told the members at the union hall they weren’t going to go on strike. People started booing and yelling “sell-out!” The union had provided the vote counters with fried chicken and soda so after the booing began people started throwing chicken bones and soda bottles at Wroblowski and Blondin. The shop stewards who were assigned to be their security detail told them to run. They ran to their office and locked themselves in. They then sent out the PR person thinking that since she was a young attractive woman she would receive better treatment. Wrong! She enjoyed a rain of chicken bones and had to run away while the union hall was torn apart. Meanwhile Wroblowski and Blondin escaped to the airport to fly off to Disney World in order to engage in closed door negotiations with the IAM President, Governor Gregoire, a federal mediator, and the Boeing reps. It was apparently on Gregoire’s order that the strike was postponed. These pics are from this meeting.

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  1. Renegade Eye says:

    Just a thought. Maybe one of the problems of the left in America, is that they have a history in the revolutionary movement, as being good unionists. Maybe labor needs good communists.

    What I mean is things as nationalization, expropriation etc needs to be mentioned more.


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