Protest Fascist Minutemen at DePaul U

CHICAGO, May 19 — PLP brought several dozen workers and students to the rally against the racist Minutemen founder Chris Simcox at DePaul University here. Simcox was invited by the right-wing DePaul Conservative Alliance. Liberal pro-immigrant students organized students to protest his appearance. But only PLP tied the Minutemen’s racist ant-immigrant attacks to the bigger picture of U.S. capitalism in crisis.

The rally’s high point came when a new younger friend of the Party led the crowd to denounce a sign-carrying racist who stood near us, leading the cops to whisk him away to save his skin.

Our contingent distributed almost 200 CHALLENGES and 500 leaflets, as well as making six contacts.

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One thought on “Protest Fascist Minutemen at DePaul U

  1. Dany says:

    Liberalism means allowing the people to do as they please. Why would we trust a government who thinks they know what is right for the people.

    Communists don’t know the definition of what a liberal is. A liberal is an independent minded person who may acquire wealth.

    No to big government.!!! No to communism


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