The GI casualty figure is the latest lie uncovered about the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon reports the number of wounded somewhere in the teens (including nearly 4,000 dead in Iraq). But Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) says the Defense Department only releases one category of battlefield casualty, those “wounded in action” by a bullet, shrapnel or knife.

“A GI who cracks his head on the windshield of his Humvee in a crash, though he may have suffered brain damage and had to be evacuated…is considered ‘injured,’ not ‘wounded,’” says VCS head Paul Sullivan, a Gulf War I vet. Government figures released to the media don’t include such casualties. Sullivan’s Freedom of Information Act request revealed that through January 5, 2008, U.S. battlefield casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan totaled 72,000.

A GI suffering a heart attack or severe emotional collapse is considered “ill,” not “wounded,” never entering the official casualty count.

Sullivan, a former Veterans Administration (VA) project manager, blew the whistle on inadequate vets’ health care long before the Washington Post “broke” the story. The VCS reports that “VA hospitals and clinics have already treated 263,909 ‘unplanned’ patients” and 245,034 “unanticipated” disability claims from veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Sullivan expects an eventual 700,000 patient claims.

Meanwhile, a leading British polling group, the Opinion Research Business, recently reported 1.03 million Iraqi deaths. (Reuters, 1/30/08) That figure omits three of Iraq’s 18 provinces, two of which are among the country’s most volatile, Kerbala and Anbar. But U.S. rulers completely ignore Iraqi deaths.

Such is the destruction of human lives wrought by U.S. imperialism in its drive to control oil supplies and other resources and maintain profits, battling its capitalist rivals.

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  1. Thank you for posting the facts. Yes, the facts can help to begin to set us free. There is sad news to report, though. The number of official battlefield casualties reported by the Department of Defense is now nearly 74,000, as of March 2008. And the number of walking wounded war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan is nearly 300,000, as of January 2008. A book, “The Three Trillion Dollar War,” estimates hundreds of thousands of additional casualties, especially for mental health and brain damage, costing taxpayers up to $700 billion over the next 40 years. As the lies continue to pour from the Bush Administration, and as the Congress does little, and as the American press public remain uninformed and passive, the slaughter of Iraqis and Americans will continue. As soon as Americans understand that our honor and our lives and our treasure were squandered, thus leading to the current economic recession and panic on Wall Street, then they might register and vote.


  2. James says:

    While I do not agree with the communist party perspective,I share your disdain for capitalism and its barbaric hold over the lives of billions of human beings.Just yesterday I was sent home from a 48 hour hospital stay and surgury to remove multiple kidney stones while still passing massive amounts of blood and suffering from severe pain just so the corrupt captains of capital would not have to part with any more of their precious money.”As a disabled person I have medicare part A,but not part b,thanks to the fact that I worked a total of about 40 hours to many during the years 2002 through 2004 ! Trust me, there is no point in having hospitalization insurance if you are unable to pay a doctor who must admit you to a hospital ! At any rate my health nor my life for that matter is meaningfull enough to the capitalists to spend the money nessacary to assure that I do not die or suffer further disability due to my chronic health problems.In the capitalist world view human life has little or no value beyond the potential for capitalist productivity.Being disabled in a capitalist scociety is a special kind of hell in that you are conditionend to believe that indeed your disability makes you as a person unfit to live.I am slightly more of an ass than most and am determinend to live as long as possible if for no other reason than to spite the money worshipping capitalist pricks who would rather I not exist.


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