Top Five Big Business Contributors to the Leading Candidates

Barack Obama:

* Goldman Sachs (Wall Street’s top power broker, whose “alumni” include U.S. Treasury-Secy. Henry Paulson, Citigroup chairman Robert Rubin, British Petroleum CEO Peter Sutherland, and Jon Corzine, New Jersey’s Governor)

* UBS (world’s largest wealth manager, largely owned by Saudi royal family)

* J.P. Morgan Chase (“Rockefeller’s bank,” closely tied to Exxon Mobil)

* Exelon (nuclear power company; ultra-imperialist Cabot family has big stake)

* Kirkland & Ellis (BP’s U.S. law firm)

Hillary Clinton:

* Goldman Sachs

* Citigroup (U.S.’s and world’s biggest bank; Saudi prince main shareholder)

* Morgan Stanley (Wall Street bank, deeply invested in Middle East)

* DLA Piper (world’s biggest law firm, with offices throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S.)

* J.P. Morgan Chase

John McCain:

* Citigroup

* Bank Rome (lobbyists for Shell Oil and Chiquita Banana)

*Greenberg Traurig (law firm representing Alcoa worldwide)

* Merrill Lynch (U.S. richest investment firm whose biggest holdings are war beneficiaries GE and Exxon Mobil)

* Goldman Sachs

(Source: Center for Responsive Politics)

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